Teach Students to Work Independently
It can take from four to six weeks for students to learn how to work on specific tasks without your guidance. The following resources can be used to help you organize and frame the conversation during those first crucial weeks of school; often referred to as "The First Twenty Days".

First 20+ Days: At a Glance:

First 20+ Days in Detail:

The First 20
days Writers Workshop

Anchor Charts for First Twenty Days of Readers Workshop

Week by Week Resources:
Week 1: Myself as a Reader
Week 2: Reading With and For Others
Week 3: Reading and Writing Connections
Week 4: Reading and Writing in the World

Lesson Plan Templates After First 20 Days:

First 20 Days Teacher Resources:
Beth Newingham Classroom
Daily Five Templates
Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots
Reader's Workshops
Jennifer Myers Readers and Writers Workshop
Setting Up Reader's Workshop
Setting Up Your Classroom