Language of Learing

We are working on having real world, authentic conversations about our teaching and learning through reflection and sharing.
We hope to learn more from each other, strengthen our own philosophies about learning, and better understand how, as a whole school, we are developing courageous learners.


How do we create this authentic learning environment?
How do we ensure that our students' learning matters?
How do we shift from being teachers to learners with our students?
What is the language of learning?
Are we asking of our students what we want them to be?
Are we asking this of ourselves?

Here are some notes from our meetings with Angela on the language we use with our students

Here are some questions/phrases/thoughts about how we can show we honor our students thinking and how we can invite them/have them participate more in conversations.


What we noticed between our two videos - how has our teaching changed?

Notes - after reading an excerpt from Debbie Miller's Teaching with Intentions