Welcome to Literacy in the Content Areas!

Friends and Colleagues,

I have created this wiki as a space and place for literacy and content area teachers to find resources, discuss issues, and share classroom applications for powerful literacy learning. 

Each member is invited as a co-creator and contributor.
The goal of this wiki is to support one another in our efforts to create effective literacy practices that enable our young readers and writers to succeed.

This site will provide you with various links to resources and ideas that can be used at every level and in all content areas to integrate thinking strategies and develop literacy and critical thinking skills into all units of study.
Teaching students to understand literacy beyond letters and sound is no simple task. It begins with defining literacy in a world sense; as an act of communication and privilege rather than a simplistic set of master-able skills.

You can enter the wiki at anyplace, but the following sequence can help you get started by answering the following questions about literacy and learning.